• Posted: 15th June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Mark Watkins has had a great month on his 50-acre syndicate so far, landing thirties on consecutive sessions.
With just 24 hours at his disposal for his first trip, Mark opted for a swim called the Point on the back of the wind, where he felt confident some fish would be in situ.
Mark said: “I found a nice gravel bar at 120 yards, where I opted to stick PVA bags on the bottom of it with about 20 Spombs over the top. The bags were made with a mixture of Betastim and Crayfish Mini Mix pellets, plus Krill Meal and Crayfish Meal, with trimmed-down PB wafters as hookbaits. My go-to Spomb mix featured mixed-sized and crushed Bug and SLK boilies, as well as plenty of corn and hemp, all soaked in Bug Liquid Food, Fish Hydro and Hot Hemp Oil.”
Mark’s tactics were enough to tempt a couple of fish during his stay, a 30lb 12oz mirror and a 22lb 8oz fully scaled.