• Posted: 23rd March 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Whilst out filming his first-ever vlog (see link below), John Kittle was pleased to get amongst two thirties on the Unity Lake syndicate at Linear Fisheries.
He said: “Turning up on dark, three bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets injected with Betastim were sent out into the pond to keep disturbance to a minimum. Shortly before first light, a chunky 31lb 8oz common was landed to kick-start the session!
“The majority of bites on the lake had been coming at night, so a light mix of Bug crumb, Bug pellets and corn was deployed and three rigs placed over the top for the night ahead.
“Shortly before dark, an immense 34lb 3oz mirror sprung the left-hand rod, followed by another three fish at daybreak, all low twenties, bringing an end to a tricky but rewarding early-spring session.”
After the first fish fell to the solid-bag approach, the four others succumbed to 10mm Fruitylicious pop-ups tipped with maggots on fluorocarbon rigs, fished over a mixture of Bug crumb, Bug pellets and corn.