• Posted: 24th May 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Jordan Kirk’s hard work spent with a weed rake resulted in the capture of one of the magnificent Bluebell Kingfisher Lake 40-pounders.
Known as Baby Bully and weighing in at 42lb 4oz, this immaculate common came the morning after Jordan had spend hours creating a spot, having sprung his S7-baited trap!
Jordan takes up the story: “After noticing fish showing close in at the same time two mornings on the bounce, I investigated with a lead to discover it was choked with weed, which was full of naturals.
“Putting a plan into action, I spent the next few hours raking the spot and put two solid bags in the hole in the weed. The bags consisted of crushed S7 boilies and trimmed-down S7 wafters as hookbaits. I also Spombed over the top with some stodged-up S7.
“The following morning the fish turned up again and my trap was sprung by the amazing Baby Bully at 42lb 4oz. I love the S7!”