• Posted: 4th April 2022
  • Author: Team DNA

Andrew Jones wrapped up the season on Lamby Lake with one of the venue’s jewels, a stunning mirror of 29lb 7oz.

“With the lake due to close on 1st April for two months, I headed out for one last session, arriving late and getting soaked due to the rain,” said Andrew.

“The night passed quietly, but just as I was getting myself together to pack away for work, the middle rod was away. After a slow, plodding battle, I was rewarded with another of Lamby’s absolute jewels, and at 29lb 7oz, it was a real end-of-season chunk and a proper scaly banger.

“What a fish to end a great season.”

A 12mm PB pop-up did the business for Andrew, fished on a Ronnie rig in conjunction with a little stick made up of Crayfish Mini Mix and SLK pellets, mixed in with K-Stim and Blizzard. He also baited over the top with a mixture of 12mm and 15mm SLK boilies soaked in Yeast Extract.