Lovin’ life before lockdown!

  • Posted: 26th March 2020
  • Author: Alex Brown

I arrived at the lake on the Friday, three days before the country was put into lockdown, and following the catches from previous days, I was feeling confident. I drew peg 10 in the centre of the lake where the fish had been moving about, so I was happy.

I picked my spots and felt very hopeful of a bite, but as I turned out, I was in for a very quiet 48 hours. The fish were coming out on the end of the wind, which surprised me, as it was a freezing-cold easterly. I was meant to be going home on the Sunday, but got the nod to stay another night and decided to up sticks and move to peg 12. I’d never fished this peg before, despite having always fancied it.

Anyway, on the Sunday evening, at around 5.30, it went flat calm and we could see fish feeding and on the move. Sure enough, the guy opposite had a bite, and just two minutes later my left-hand rod in the margins melted off! As soon as I lifted into the fish, I knew it was a decent fish, as it just felt heavy and slow and was hugging the bottom. After a short while it was in the net, a big, wide-backed mirror that spun the scales round to 29lb 2oz, which was a personal best for me! Absolutely buzzing, we got the shots done and slipped it back. I’d clearly made the right decision to stay.

My new PB at 29lb 2oz

I got the rod back on the spot in the hope of another, but unfortunately the night and following day were quiet on our side, whereas a few came out around the other side. I decided to move my right-hand rod further along the island and debated moving the left-margin rod as well. After some thought, I decided to leave the left-hander exactly where it was.

Around the same time as the previous evening, the lake went flat calm once again. We could see the fish moving and feeding, but unlike on the Sunday night, it remained quiet. I woke up on the Tuesday morning, put the kettle on and walked down to my margin spot, where I chucked out five 12-millers over the top. I then proceeded to catapult the same amount over the right-hander and sat back to finish making my morning brew. As soon as I took the tea bag out my mug, my left-hander let out a couple of bleeps and the bobbin lifted. I was unsure at first as it didn’t start to take line, so I gave it a few seconds and then boom, off it went! After a short fight it was in the net. I didn’t think it was that big, to be honest, but it turned out to be another 29-pounder. I was well chuffed with two 29lb fish in the same session, with one being a personal best.

Signing off with another 29-pounder

That made it eight fish in six sessions for me on Millbrook. Surely it won’t be long before I get my first thirty; well, when I can get back out, that is!

I was using trimmed-down PB wafters soaked in matching PB Intense Boosters on D-rigs over a handful of 12mm Secret 7 boilies that I’d soaked in S7 Liquid Food and coated in Krill Meal. This tactic had seen me catch my last three fish from Millbrook.

12mm Secret 7 boilies soaked in Liquid Food and dusted in Krill Meal