• Posted: 24th October 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Low pressure and strong winds got the fish feeding on Jack Jackson’s syndicate, as he bagged himself two of the lake’s most-coveted fish within moments of each other!
As the wind hacked into Jack’s swim, the action kicked with the capture of the Animal at 35lb 8oz, which was followed a short while later with a massive new UK PB for Jack in the shape of the Bream Common at 48lb 6oz.
The 31-year-old from Solihull said: “I turned up to the lake on the Tuesday morning and had a walk around. New strong winds were due to push across the lake into my swim of choice, meaning I would be right in the teeth of the warm 30mph-plus wind.
“I’d seen numerous shows around the area and quickly got my gear into the swim. Knowing a path the fish use, I positioned my free offerings of Bug and SLK boilies across a clay bar.
“The wind continued into the night and as it blew strong, my right-hand rod was away! After a long, hard battle, I landed the Animal at 35lb 8oz. Whilst refreshing the rig and with the fish in the net, the middle rod was away! Lifting into the fish, I knew it was big. Following a slow, ponderous fight that saw the fish punish me in every weedbed she could find, I scooped up the stunning Bream Common at 48lb 6oz, a new personal best for me!”
Both Jack’s quick-fire captures fell to Bug Corker wafters fished on blow-back rigs, which he fished on a bar amongst a mixture of Bug and SLK freebies.

The Animal at 35lb 8oz