• Posted: 20th May 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
What an incredible weekend James Anderson and his partner Kierren Waters experienced during the British Carp Angling Championships qualifier at St Albans Lakes, smashing the venue’s match record with a massive tally of 1161lb 11oz from their 90 carp!
James and Kierren absolutely obliterated the rest of the field, finishing nearly 900lb ahead of the second-placed pairing and comfortably securing their place in the semi-finals at Barston.
The majority of the lads’ fish came to surface tactics of trimmed-down 12mm Bug Corker pop-ups amongst 6mm and 11mm BetaStim Floaters soaked in Salmon Oil.
The rest of the fish fell to either solid bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets and Bug Amino Smoke, with Bug Half Tones wafters used for hookbaits, or a sloppy mixture of crushed Switch boilies, Switch Stick Mix, Switch Liquid Food and both Switch and BetaStim pellets, which they spodded over zigs.