• Posted: 30th March 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Shane Lines rounded off his winter ticket on Merrington Carp Fishery with one of the venue’s 30-pounders, coming within an hour of him casting to a showing fish!
The 29-year-old from Wolverhampton said: “I decided I was only going to fish two rods to begin with and keep the third rod out until I saw any fish activity. Sure enough, that afternoon I saw a couple of fish roll out in open water near to where the gravel bar is located next to the island. I wrapped my third rod up to 16 wraps, which I knew was to the edge of the gravel bar, and got it on the spot first time. The rod was only out just over an hour before the bobbin was dancing, resulting in this stunning 30lb 12oz mirror.”
Secret 7 is always the bait of choice for Shane and on this occasion it was an S7 Corker wafter in conjunction with a mesh bag of Secret 7 pellets.