Morning madness!

  • Posted: 22nd February 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
The fish were practically queuing up for Liam Searle over the weekend, as he landed four in the space of an hour, three of which were twenties.
Liam said: “After last Tuesday’s success of a couple of fish from a morning, I was keen to get back down. The weather was looking more or less the same, and after baiting the spot with more Secret 7 and Bug before leaving Tuesday, I knew there were more bites to be had.
“I decided to give the spot another hit on the Wednesday evening, baiting with a mixture of Bug, Secret 7, tigers and plenty of matching liquids, with the plan to fish it a couple days later.
“I rocked up with my lad on the Friday morning and had the rods on the spot just after 7am, and it didn’t take long before the left-hander was away, resulting in a lovely 22lb 2oz common. Not long after I had an aborted take on the middle rod, so with two rods to redo, I set about getting the first rod back on the spot. However, as I was wrapping this one up, the right-hand rod was away! This one went 23lb 4oz, but unfortunately I had a few camera issues.
“Before long we were away again, and to my surprise it was another twenty at 21lb 6oz. Around 10mins later, I had another fish, an absolutely pristine mid-double. It was absolute carnage for a February morning and all within the space of an hour. Memories made to last forever.
“All the hard work’s coming good and hopefully it won’t be long before I slip the net under one of the ones I really want!”