New PB caps remarkable winter!

  • Posted: 11th March 2021
  • Author: Team DNA

Jody Penn’s winter couldn’t have gone any better. With more than 20 fish under his belt from various venues, he returned to his syndicate for a five-hour session and bagged himself a new personal best!

“After fishing a few different venues over the winter and constantly getting bites, it was time to get back to the syndicate and bring a few changes,” said Jody.

“After spotting a few fish moving and showing, I decided to start baiting a spot over the course of a few weeks and, with the big winds and low pressure forecast, I knew I had to try my luck. The carp gods were certainly looking down on me, as not only was it a new personal best, but also a new 30-pounder for the lake.”

The 30lb 4oz mirror was caught from a spot at 100 yards, where Jody presented a large SLK dumbbell tipped off with a small Milky Malt wafter.

His rig was fished over a mixture of SLK and Switch boilie crumb, a good coating of SLK Hydro Spod Syrup and a dusting of Switch Stick Mix.