On common ground

  • Posted: 6th November 2019
  • Author: Team DNA

Bridgwater-based Liam Searle couldn’t believe his luck during his latest visit to his local club water, landing a quartet of 20lb-plus commons to 29lb in a morning during a red-letter session.

Liam said: “I arrived at my local club water not long before dark on the Monday and it was apparent there were fish feeding over my already baited spot from the previous evening. So, I went about pinging two singles out on the zone to try and nick myself a quick bite. Unfortunately this didn’t come to anything, so just before dark, I went about topping the spot up. My mix consisted of 12mm, 15mm and 18mm S7 boilies, which I always prepare a few days before my session. I add Wraysberry Liquid Booster at this time of year, along with the normal Secret 7 Liquid Food and S7 Hydro Spod Syrup. I also add tigers and corn to the mix, but they don’t get added until just before spodding.

“The night was quiet, as is usual for this place, with just a few bream for company, but I was happy and content the rods were fishing ready for the usual bite time the following morning.

“I was up an hour or so before light as usual, listening and watching with a coffee. It was strangely quiet, though, and I told myself I’d give it until 9am then have a recast and possibly top up the spot. This was not needed, though, as around 8.30am my left-hand rod on the spot melted off! I could tell this was a fairly small fish, and after a typically scrappy battle, I managed to get it in the net without any drama. I went about unhooking it in the net and left it there safely in the margins as I went about re-wrapping the rod. As I was walking back down to the swim, the remaining rod on the spot melted off! This one felt better from the off, but with the lead dropping, I managed to coax it back over the weed without too many problems. This fish dwarfed the first one and I was well happy to get two takes in quick succession. The first was a scraper double and the second went 25lb exactly!

The biggest of the two fish at 25lb

“I left the rods another 45 minutes or so, just to make sure there weren’t any more fish feeding on the spot, then at around 9.30 I decided to top the spot up with the same mix as before.

“At around 10.30, it all kicked off big time! The middle rod was away fish, with this fish putting up one hell of a battle, stripping line from me on a few occasions. The first sighting of this fish had me a bit shaky, as it was long and mahogany in colour, so as you can imagine, with the battle now in the margins, I was praying for a good hook hold! All went well and I managed to bundle it over the net cord. I was buzzing! Luckily, my mate was a couple pegs down, so I give him a quick call to tell him I had a rather special one in the net.

“I must have been there more than five minutes just admiring it in the net, when the remaining rod on the spot was away! Again, it felt decent, but this time the fish came in relatively easy. Luckily, my mate was there to lift out the first fish and safely put it in the retainer, freeing up the net for this one (note to self: bring a spare net!). I couldn’t believe my luck and wasn’t going to bother redoing the rods, as I was planning to get off to work soon, but my mate persuaded me to, as it was obvious they were still out there! So, with both rods re-wrapped and back in the zone, we were about go to sort out the fish, but this didn’t happen, as within a matter of minutes the left-hander was away again! This felt like another decent fish and put up a good account for itself. With the second one still in the net, we managed to bundle this one into the net along with it! Wow! I was on cloud nine. My mate ran down to get his sling and we decided to get the second and smallest of the three out first, putting the third safely in the margins, along with the first one. This turned out to be a mega pristine fish of 22lb exactly.

A pristine 22-pounder

“Then we got number three out, which was another mega fish with a big old frame, weighing in at 26lb 4oz.

A cracking fish of 26lb

“We left the special one till last. I thought it was going to do 30lb, but in hindsight it really was irrelevant, as it was a mega fish. We ended up settling on 29lb.

“I really should have gone off to work hours ago by now, but I was on a right buzz and managed to get the okay off the missus to sit out for the remainder of the day, as I thought another one was on the cards, to be fair, but it wasn’t to be. So, I spent the remainder of the day just chilling taking it all in, reminiscing on my best session to date on the local venue. I feel that a thirty really isn’t too far away, and to have four twenties in a morning on here really is special, so I was more than happy!”

The pick of the bunch at 29lb