Three Orchid fish to 33lb in minutes for Bart!

  • Posted: 12th February 2019
  • Author: Team DNA

There is no stopping Mr Bartlett at the moment – and it is only February!

Bart visited the awesome Orchid Lake in Oxfordshire for a 24-hour session and the reward was a three-fish catch, capped by a 33lb common, all coming within a matter of minutes.

Bart said: “I saw the weather was coming in strong and knew it would be bang on for a bite if I could get on them, so I headed up for a night. I only had 24 hours, but thought it would be worth the effort.

“I didn’t mess about just trying to scratch for a bite, as I felt it was a bit of a now-or-never kind of moment. I got in the centre of the lake and introduced some corn and maggots with plenty of SLK and NuttaS crumb mixed together 50/50 with a splash of NuttaS Liquid Food to soak into the crumb. In total I put around two-thirds of a bucket out on a nice clear spot behind one of the bars, with all three rods over the top on 10mm PB pop-ups with maggots on the top. I oversized the hook to make the bait sit like a wafter.

“When I arrived at the lake I found out it had done two bites that morning, which were the first bites in around 12 days or so, indicating morning would be my best chance of a bite. True to form, the first take came at 7am, and I was over the moon to bag a corking 33lb common called Tyler. After doing some photos I started packing away, as I had to get home, but then received another take, which I landed fairly quickly as it was a small stockie common.

A cracking little stockie

“The hook and bait were fine, and as I had clipped it up on the way in, I quickly pinged the rod back out and clipped the bobbin on, before picking my phone up to call my mate. Amazingly, that rod then ripped off again within what could have been no more than a minute of casting out. A 20lb mirror was the culprit. A great morning’s fishing for February by any standards!”

A 20lb mirror that took the bait within a minute of casting out!

To watch Bart smashing it up on Orchid, check out this video from the DNA Winter Series 2: