• Posted: 9th October 2019
  • Author: Team DNA
Andrew Murphy had the session of a lifetime on the Abbeylakes complex, catching one of the venue’s most-coveted fish, Five Scale at 47lb 8oz, along with two fifties and loads of other forties from Kingfisher, plus a 55lb 10oz mirror from Fox Lake!
Andrew takes up the story of a memorable trip: “Upon arriving to Abbey Lakes, I tried to find a decent swim on Fox, where I planned to fish for three nights before it was booked out for the week for a lake exclusive.
“The weather was perfect – low pressure, strong winds and plenty of rain showers – and it wasn’t long before I started to see fish crash after watching the water for a while. In the end, I settled on swim 18 on Fox, as the wind was pumping in that corner, so I felt confident.
“Within five minutes of putting the first rod out, it was away with a 37lb-plus mirror on the end. After that the bites continued throughout the night, resulting in some low thirties and a lost fish. I actually ended up with 12 fish from Fox, including three forties and a 55lb 10oz mirror. I was absolutely buzzing!
“Then on Saturday morning I moved on to Kingfisher Lake, a lake I’d not fished before, as I wasn’t keen on catching big catfish. However, the lads at Abbey have removed a lot of them now, so I felt a lot more at ease. Upon arrival I got stitched up on a few swims, which resulted in me fishing a less favourable swim. The session started off slowly for the first 24 hours, but then things kicked off with a 44lb-plus mirror. There was one particular fish I wanted to catch from Kingfisher, the mighty Five Scale, but that was caught the previous week, so I didn’t think there was much chance of it coming out again.
“The fish kept on coming after that, with multiple twenties, thirties, forties and two fifties to 53lb-plus, then, would you believe, the king of the lake, Five Scale at 47lb 8oz! I wasn’t bothered if I didn’t catch another carp after that, as in my opinion, it’s the best-looking carp on the complex. I actually ended up with 19 fish on Kingfisher! It was an absolutely amazing session and one I was never forget.”
Andrew used Secret 7 wafters tipped with plastic corn that had been soaking in Sticky Sweet. He fished his offerings over a mixture of crumbed-up Secret 7 boilies, corn and Crayfish Mini Mix pellets soaked in Hemp Oil and Secret 7 Hydro Spod Syrup, putting out 2kg at a time.