Review: NuttaS

  • Posted: 11th February 2020
  • Author: Karl Forrest

Since I first started using NuttaS in 2018, my results have been nothing short of sensational. With me only having minimal time on the bank, the results have spoken for themselves.

In the winter, I soak the boilies for 24 hours before every session to give them that washed-out look. I use NuttaS because a lot of the venues I fish see a lot of nut-based baits, but because I feel the NuttaS is a superior product, it gives me an edge. I use a lot of the matching NuttaS Hydro Spod Syrup with the boilies, usually covering the boilies the morning before my session. I do this so they are almost like paste when used in a Krusha.

An awesome combination when all mixed together

The hookbaits themselves work well as part of snowman presentations, with the PBs and Fruitylicious pop-ups being my favourite tippers. Speaking of hookbaits, in spring I turn to the NuttaS EVO Hookbait System, opting for salt-cured hookbaits, which can often produce big hits in the lead-up to spawn. Immediately after spawning I will start introducing a lot more bait, as the fish will be on the much.

In the summer, I will generally start baiting a single spot with a mixture of NuttaS, hemp, tigers and corn. This gives the fish a big area of bait to home in on, and fishing just off the bait can often result in a few bonus bigger carp.

Autumn can be a tricky time due to the change in conditions, but adding some sherbet to the mix has got me an extra bite or two in the past, while I know a lot of anglers who like adding either chilli powder or garlic.

Either way, I find the NuttaS to be a very versatile bait that works 12 months of the year. I love it!

A 37lb Ringwood common caught over a bed of NuttaS