• Posted: 8th July 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Renowned for producing a plethora of big carp, Orchid Lakes has made many anglers’ dreams come true over the years, and it seems to be going from strength to strength!
Commonly known as the Home of the Thirties, these days the Oxfordshire day-ticket venue is throwing up almost as many 40-pounders as it is thirties, the largest of which is a classic-looking, thick-set mirror called Big El.
During a recent lake-exclusive booking, DNA team member Jordan Kirk was fortunate enough to get his hands on the coveted fish, despite suffering from a bout of food poisoning throughout the session!
Despite not being in the best health, Jordan still managed to slip his net under the 46lb unit after a mammoth battle through various weedbeds, earning himself a new personal best in the process.
Jordan said: “After ending up in a swim called Weedy, I spent a good hour leading about and found a small silty spot I liked the feel off, so opted to fish two rods on it, baiting over the top with a mixture of 8mm Bug boilies and Bug pellets, all soaked in Calanus Hydro.
“I fished over the top of the bait with 10mm PB pop-ups tipped with red maggots and on the second morning had the take from the big ’un!
“The biggest fish in the pond and a new personal best. When your luck’s in, ay!”