PB common for Tong on S7!

  • Posted: 18th October 2018
  • Author: Team DNA

Iain Macmillan’s French adventure scaled new heights at Pascale’s on the Goncourt complex with the capture of this PB personal best common at 61lb 4oz, yet another victim of Secret 7.

Ting Tong said: “I guess it was only fitting to break my PB common at the very lake I did a couple of years ago. I only upped it by a pound to this jaw-dropping fish of 61lb 4oz, but man alive, what a carp!

“As soon as I lifted into the bite, I just knew from the dead weight it was a big carp, and my thoughts were confirmed when we actually struggled to get the beast into the folds of the net. Lashings of glazed Secret 7 in the matching Liquid Food, along with a good helping of Barr’s Angling maize for the visual attraction factor too.”