• Posted: 15th June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Mark Watkins experienced a real red-letter session on his syndicate water, landing a 39lb 10oz PB common amongst four thirties as part of an 18-fish haul!
“I turned up to my syndicate on Thursday, hoping I would be in with a chance of dropping straight on to fish,” said Mark.
“After a couple of laps of the 50-acre pit, I dropped into a swim I was familiar with. As there were already fish there, I put three bags out as I didn’t want to disturb them. Come morning I managed a nice little common at 23lb 5oz, but decided it was time to move, as due to the high winds I wasn’t happy with my line lay.
“I moved to the shallower end of the lake where I’d seen fish the previous evening. The wind was hacking into my face and the temperature was soaring – I knew it was going to be a challenge – but I was confident they were still there. Again, I put three bags out and had a double take within an hour! Over the next few hours, I managed to land another seven fish, but then the bites slowed up.
“I decided to introduce a bit of bait to the spot and put about 15/20 Spombs out at night ready for the morning. I finished off with 18 fish in total, four of which were thirties, with the highlights being two beautiful commons, a fish named Patch at 34lb 6oz and an unnamed one going 39lb 10oz, which was a new PB common for me. It was a really hectic and memorable session; it was hard to keep making up so many bags, but it’s definitely a tactic I love and it worked brilliantly!”
Mark’s solid bags were made with a mixture of Betastim and Crayfish Mini Mix pellets, plus Krill Meal and Crayfish Meal, with trimmed-down PB wafters as hookbaits. His Spomb mix featured mixed-sized and crushed Bug and SLK boilies, as well as plenty of corn and hemp, all soaked in Bug Liquid Food, Fish Hydro and Hot Hemp Oil.