• Posted: 28th April 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Perry Alabaster’s return to Monks Pits has gone better than even he could have expected!
With a string of thirties already under his belt so far this campaign, Perry went a few steps further on his latest session, landing a new 50-pounder for the venue, the magnificent Dolly at 52lb.
Incredibly, the bite came just as Perry was packing up, with only rod left on the floor!
“After a good start to my session on Sunday, with a low-twenty mirror and a cracking low-thirty scaly, things went a little quiet,” said Perry.

Things went quiet after this amazing 32-pounder

“I’d made up my mind to leave about midday on the Tuesday, so at around 10am I decided to refresh my hookbaits and have one last cast of the rods. My right-hand rod, which had done the previous two bites, was changed to a PB pop-up and placed back on an area already baited with crumbed-up Bug and Crayfish Maxi Mix pellets. I’d hoped a colour change in bait might make a difference, but with nothing doing by around midday, I began to pack down my gear.
“With just my right-hand rod on the deck, I picked it up to wrap up the session and noticed the line pointing towards the centre of the swim, nowhere near where I’d cast it! I wound down on the rod and connected with something that I first feared could be a pike or a foul-hooked carp. As the battle went on closer to the bank, it was evident I’d hooked a carp and it was big, but I couldn’t be sure the hook was properly set. When it eventually broke the surface, I could see my PB pop-up just inside its mouth and noticed the width across the fish’s shoulders. This was 40lb-plus all day long!
“I netted the carp and ran up the bank to ask Derek Ritchie for some help with the weighing and photos. We lifted it up on to the tripod and Del let out a legendary shout of ‘COME OOOOOON!’ It was 52lb exactly! There is nobody more entertaining than Del to have in your swim when you’ve just landed a monster. Well, okay, perhaps Mozza… I know a few nutters!
“So, after getting some trophy shots, I sent the pics to Darren, the bailiff, who informed me it was a new fifty for Monks Pit, a fish known as Dolly that was last out at 48lb around two years ago. That made the moment even sweeter, and to put the final cherry on the cake, Mick, the owner, also congratulated me and told me the fish had been named after his late mum, Dolly.
“As I left the lake, James, a young lad who last caught Dolly, also gave me his congratulations, then caught a lovely 30lb-plus common, which I photographed for him before heading home.
“What a magical afternoon!”

Dolly, a 52lb Monks Pit monster