• Posted: 29th September 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Big-fish season has already delivered for Perry Alabaster, yielding his seventh forty of the year from the Monks Pit syndicate in Cambridgeshire.
After what had already been a prolific night of action, producing fish to mid-thirties, Perry then hit into something much larger, which turned out to be a big, dumpy mirror known as Alfie at 43lb 4oz.
“I’d only managed to get the rods out once since the beginning of August due to work commitments, so I decided to make this week’s Monks Pit trip a rare three-nighter,” said Perry.
“It started off well with a mid-twenty early on in the session, but I kept seeing fish show over the far side, so with my gear still on the barrow, I wound in and moved round to the opposite bank. I put a fairly wide spread bed of bait out using my go-to mix of chopped Secret 7 boilies, Crayfish Maxi Mix pellets, hemp and S7 Liquid Food, then catapulted out a load of mixed-sized S7 boilies and fished an S7 Hard Hooker over the top of it all. A Crayfish wafter in a solid bag went out to one side of the baited area and a PB pop-up on a hinged stiff rig was cast to the other side.
“The bites came steadily through the first two nights, with five fish to 34lb 1oz succumbing to the S7 and Crayfish wafter rods, followed by this one at 43lb 4oz on the PB pop-up rod!
“This big mirror known as Alfie is my seven different forty from the lake in 2023!”