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    The original CLO was discontinued years ago by it’s makers, the Dutch birdfood manufacturers Sluis. The legend lives on and many companies still sell a version but up until now, there hasn’t been one close to the original so popular with bait makers back in the 80’s….until now. We now have the original CLO recipe given to us by a trusted source who has kept it close to his chest for going on 20 years! To say that this product is a million miles away from the poor breadcrumb based versions available elsewhere is an understatement! Utilising rarely used vegetable proteins, superfoods, digestive aids and cereals plus of course Cod Liver Oil this premium product contains over 12 different ingredients! It has an unrivalled vitamin and mineral profile for a birdfood based ingredient and using this in our own baits has significantly improved their profiles. We now know why Sluis CLO was so raved about all those years ago. Along with improving the nutritional profile of your bait Premium CLO also adds structure, texture and binding qualities. We guarantee, once you have made the switch to Premium CLO in your baits you will not use anything else! We recommend an inclusion rate of up to 20%.

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