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Never a company to stand still, thanks to a lot of hard work behind the scenes over the past 12 months, we believe we have achieved the impossible and made a product we originally thought couldn’t be surpassed even better than it ever was!

Now manufactured completely in house, our new and improved Hydro Wheat liquid contains double the protein content than before at approximately 30% and is now almost free of gluten, making it even more soluble and digestible than its predecessor.

This new development comes on the back of feedback we have received from customers looking for an affordable liquid they can use to soak their boilies and pellets well in advance of their session, a method previously better suited to more low-viscosity liquids such as the Liquid Foods, Betastim and Calanus Hydro.

Moreover, this new more user-friendly Hydro Wheat and spin-off liquids, the Hydro Spod Syrups, can now be used effectively for injecting into solid bags and mixing with Insect Meal to create PVA sticks, which would have been difficult with the previous, somewhat stickier, incarnation of the Hydro Wheat.

Yet despite the new Hydro Wheat being significantly more user-friendly, it is still the same heavy food source as before, sinking like a proverbial brick when added to water, but now pumps out attractors quicker and longer due to its increased solubility.

All in all, thanks to some of the finest bait brains in the industry, we have made the finished product significantly more user-friendly and improved its nutritional value through no extra cost to the customer, a fact we are extremely proud of.

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    These amazing liquids were a real winner during testing. Based on our incredible Hydro Wheat liquid, but with the addition of the SLK Liquid Food, along with an organic feed stimulant, these very special liquids are a massive edge for a variety of baiting methods. Full of complex soluble sugars and natural enzymes. Along with containing all nine essential amino acids, this viscous liquid is particularly high in both Lysine and Glutamic Acid. They can be used over boilies, particles and pellets or even to ensure your maggots get to the bottom quicker. These syrups are not quite as active as pure Hydro Wheat, but please remember they are still classed as ‘active’ and so should be monitored regularly during warm conditions to ensure there is no messy mishaps. If you see the bottle expanding slightly just crack the lid gently and release some gas. It will settle down over time.


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