The Switch Shelf Life Bait 5KG

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    This particular bait or, more so, the concept, is something we worked on for 4 or 5 years. Unfortunately, the lack of viable ingredients hampered progress until the summer of 2013, when we eventually started to piece parts of the puzzle together.

    What we were looking for when we set about creating this bait was something that would compete nutritionally with the best fishmeals on the market, so no ‘that will do’ attitude was acceptable. The first problem we came up with was we were doing it without using fishmeals! You don’t have to look far nowadays to see a campaign based around protecting our marine fish stocks and making sure food ingredients are sustainable, and this is something that has been at the forefront of our minds for quite some time now.

    What we came up with was a totally sustainable blend of high-quality and readily available (although costly) food-grade protein sources. With ingredients like Pea Protein Isolate, Rennet Casein, Calcium Casienate, Whey Protein and Beef Protein Isolate all above 80% protein mark, it’s already easy to see where the high spec of this bait comes from. This is before we come to the top-drawer Hydrolysed Yeast and liver powders used to enhance the gustatory and olfactory (taste and smell) attraction of the bait. The inclusion of these high-end ingredients enables us to also keep the boiling of the bait incredibly low. The baits are actually boiled for over a minute less than the rest of our range, preserving more of the baits’ essential amino acids and, in turn, vastly improving the finished baits’ profile. This still leaves you with a firm enough bait to stick out, yet once in the water the bait’s solubility is second to none. Stick one in a glass of water overnight and you will see for yourself.

    To complement the complex base mix, the Switch Liquid is a complete FOOD source with a serious twist. There are no fewer than nine different liquids and ingredients used in the make-up of this very special liquid, each one with its own function. This liquid has got the lot in terms of attraction, nutrition and taste. Not only that, we have added a special Immunostimulant (100% natural; fishery owners, take note) that aids beneficial bacteria to fish’s gut/intestinal flora, helping fish to utilise feed more efficiently, increase their weight, improve their feed-conversion ratio (FCR), boost their immunity against pathogens and increase their survival rate. An effective way of trying to combat Spring Mortality Syndrome (SMS) when carp’s immune system is at its lowest.

    The attraction side comes from the soluble, free-form amino acids within the liquid, which are powerful feeding triggers. Combining this with a subtle energy kick in the form of Capsaicin and ‘Active’ Peptides, the active proteins used in the liquid are totally exclusive to DNA and you will not find these elsewhere. Gustatory response (taste) comes from the proprietary blend of in-house sweeteners and salts. The meaty/yeasty aroma comes from a specially designed and, again, exclusive-to-us flavour compound. This liquid will complement any boilie/pellet/particle/groundbait, but by combining this liquid with the powders used in the Switch base mix, synergistically we have very cleverly created an active bait that carp find irresistible.

    NB. We recommend that in use, the Switch IS NOT air-dried, especially whilst fishing. Due to some of the fine grade of some ingredients within the mix, air-drying can cause splitting and cracking of the baits. In our opinion, this bait is at its best used fresh. If you want to keep the bait for longer sessions, we would recommend using the stabilised shelf-life version.

    Crude Protein :  37.3%

    Oil / Lipid        : 9.38%

    Ash                   :   3.0%

    Salt / Sodium  : 0.43%

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    Weight 5 kg
    Boilies Size

    Mini Dumbbells (10 x 15mm), 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm, 26mm

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    2 reviews for The Switch Shelf Life Bait 5KG

    1. Ashley Young

      Took to France as a second baiting strategy, soon became the first and only choice all six fish taken with the switch. 44lb common being the biggest with 2 tench pb 6lb the new pb at 8lb. Looking forward to using it on our syndicate. Thank you

    2. Stephen Bennett (verified owner)

      I’ve only been carp fishing since 2016 properly, being a coarse angler since I was 5. When I first started I used other brand boilies and was catching but confident in those baits were not 100% there. But since moving over to DNA Baits and The Switch this year, my confident in this bait is high and I wouldn’t be seen using othet baits as it counted for 2 x 20lbs so far this year and loads of double figure carp and single figure carp.
      Highly recommanded

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