• Posted: 29th January 2021
  • Author: Team DNA

Stick fishing seems to be somewhat of a forgotten art these days, but in these times of day-only fishing, when using a small, high-attract parcel of bait is the order of the day in an effort to tempt a quick bite, it is an absolutely deadly method!

In episode #01 of Day Tripper, Cal Gutteridge opted for a high-attract stick and hookbait combination to try and get a few bites on a partly iced-over Willow Park in Aldershot.

In this step-by-step guide, we detail how he put his mixture together.

Step 1. Cal used SLK Stick Mix and SLK Bait Soak to make up his sticks, which he coupled with a salt-cured SLK Boosted Hookbait tipped with part of a Milky Malt wafter.

Step 1. Four products are all that’s required

Step 2. Put some of the SLK Stick Mix into a bait tub and add some of the SLK Bait Soak. This PVA-friendly liquid will stodge up the mixture nicely.

Step 2. Add some Bait Soak to the Stick Mix

Step 3. Mix the SLK Bait Soak and SLK Stick Mix together.

Step 3. A nice, stodgy mix

Step 4. Scoop up a small amount of the finished mixture with the funnel and compress it using a plunger tool. The compressed mixture should ideally be about an inch in diameter.

Step 4. Compress the mixture ready for tying off

Step 5. Tie off the stick and it is ready to go! The beauty of this system is you can make up a number of sticks in advance.

Step 5. Tie off the stick and it is ready to go!

Step 6. Now grab your chosen hookbaits. Cal used salt-cured SLK Boosted Hookbaits tipped with Milky Malt wafters at Willow Park.

Step 6. Grab for your chosen hookbaits

Step 7. For a nice, visual snowman-style presentation, trim off part of the SLK hookbait and part of the Milky Malt wafter and combine two together.

Step 7. Trim down the two hookbaits and combine them together to create a visual snowman-style presentation

Step 8. Now attach the stick to the rig. You can either thread it down the hooklink or, for ease, just hook it on as you would a normal mesh bag.

Step 9. Cast it out and sit back safe in the knowledge you have a well-presented hookbait sitting amongst a small parcel of attraction.

Step 9. The stick will continue leaking off attraction for hours.