• Posted: 1st September 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
With the loss of his little cousin hitting him hard, Jay Fleetwood knew there was only one place he wanted to be, Christchurch Lake on the Linch Hill complex.
In a poignant tribute to his cousin Joe’s enduring legacy, Jay channelled his grief into his fishing and landed 11 fish over the course of two sessions, including three of Christchurch’s coveted A-teamers.
Single Scale at a heavily spawned-out weight of 41lb 8oz, the Box Common at 40lb 4oz and Litchy’s Common at 37lb 6oz all graced Jay’s net during the two sessions, the latter of which saw many of the members turn out for a fundraising event during which a bench was installed on the banks of Christchurch in Joe’s memory.
“It was an unbelievable night and I even managed to nick a few fish while everyone was there,” said Jay.
“Joe was definitely looking down on us. Rest easy, Joe; we all miss you like mad!”
Jay caught all his fish on Bug Corker wafters, which he fished over a mixture of Bug boilies, whole and chopped tigers, and Crayfish Mini Mix pellets.