• Posted: 7th March 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Inspired by the success of The Bug up and down the country and with a desire to catch one of the Lamby Lake big girls, Andrew Jones decided to ring the changes for his next session and focus all his attentions on The Bug
What a great decision it turned out to be, as he would soon be cradling the first thirty to be bagged from Lamby in 2023 in the form of the very rarely caught Lara’s Sister at 35lb, which he later backed up with a 22lb 6oz common.
Andrew said: “With the Lamby season ending in a few weeks, I found myself looking through my captures and feeling that although I’ve been pretty consistent with my captures, I wasn’t quite getting through to the big girls. So, this session I opted for a change.
“The SLK was left at home and I went straight in with a mix of all Bug Corker pop-ups over my three rods, having been inspired by the incredible results The Bug continues to produce up and down the country.
“The night passed with lots of liners and a few recasts. Sticking to my game plan and putting only Bug out, I woke in the morning still feeling hopeful. Knowing all my rigs were 100% presented, I opted to leave them all out until 12pm.
“I’d just finished setting out three freshly prepared rigs and bags when at 12.05pm the left-hand rod went into meltdown. Instantly I got that big-fish feel: slow, plodding movements and staying deep. On first sight, I knew I had one of the big girls and the legs started to turn to jelly. After a few more lunges, she hit the back of the net!
“There she was, the first 30lb-plus fish to come out of Lamby this year and one of the lake’s rarest and most-sought-after characters, Lara’s Sister at a top weight of 35lb.
“I cleaned off the leaches from her winter slumber and got my prize pics before watching her swim home happily. To say I’m riding high after that simply doesn’t do it justice. What a fish, what a moment, what a bait!”
Andrew boosted his Bug Corker pop-ups with Bug EVO Liquid and fished them in conjunction with small mesh bags of Bug Stick Mix and Crayfish Maxi Mix pellets, dipped in Calanus Hydro before casting out.