• Posted: 9th January 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Let’s take a little look at the solid-bag set-up that accounted for Roger Bacon’s eight-fish catch on Grenville Lake last week, a hit that was topped by his first fifty of 2023.
Roger used a small Krusha to grind up some Bug freezer boilies and make the finest crumb possible, to which he added some Crayfish Mini Mix pellets. For hookbait, he used the Pink Perils pop-ups, which are deadly at this time of year.
Before casting out, he injected the solids with Bug Liquid Food, getting through a litre of the stuff over the course of his session due to the number of bites he received and the frequent casting.
With the wind off his back, Roger was able to get the solids out to a range of 40-45 wraps!