• Posted: 7th September 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Some special father-and-daughter time at the end of the school holidays saw Ryan Swift and his youngster enjoy a fantastic session on a Lincolnshire syndicate water, racking up four thirties as part of a 14-fish catch.
“The school holidays meant me and the daughter were able to head over to Lincolnshire for a six-night session,” said Ryan.
“We set up in a central area of the lake where the bigger fish tend to hold up, with the aim to fish on the back of the sunken island in soft silt. Choosing to bait little and often proved successful, introducing 12mm and 15mm Bug boilies to the area.
“We did three nights in this area and landed several fish to 29lb 12oz. On the third day, we decided on a move into a corner area where there were plenty of showing fish. Fishing the same tactics, the fish seemed to love to sound of the spod and we landed three thirties on the first day of being in the swim!
“We ended the session on 14 fish, with four going over the 30lb mark, including a lovely dark linear.”
At the business end, Ryan used small Bug Corker dumbbell wafters that he tipped with trimmed-down white Bug Half Tones wafters.