• Posted: 24th September 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
The Monks Pit syndicate in Cambridgeshire is a venue that has been on the scene for a number of years, fished by many of the sport’s luminaries and the product of various fifties and countless numbers of forties.
We will be bringing you a video about this renowned venue later this autumn, covering the successes of one of the water’s most successful anglers, so keep an eye out for that if you’d like to know more about this water. 
In the meantime, Monks continues to deliver the goods to its syndicate members, in particular Andy Seddon and Dave Gostelow.
Andy has landed fish to 33lb in recent weeks, thanks to his approach of white S7 Half Tones pop-ups over a mixture of Secret 7 boilies.
Meanwhile, Dave had two thirties to 34lb as part of a four-fish catch in a session, all coming to S7 Hard Hookers over a mixture of S7 pellets, whole and chopped S7 boilies, Hot Hemp Oil and Betastim.