• Posted: 26th April 2018
  • Author: John 'Vinny' Pritchard

My involvement with S7 stems from its extensive field-testing stages, and it was clear then it was no ordinary bait. Since those days it’s been my number one choice from the DNA stable.

As with all DNA products, a range of attractors and hookbait options are available, but my favourite from this range has to be the Corker dumbbell wafters. I like the versatility of the mixed sizes from each pot, enabling quick and easy rig adjustments.

A Lincolnshire syndicate fish called Single Scale that fell to an S7 wafter

One thing I can’t emphasise enough is boosting the hookbaits with liquids. The matching EVO liquid attracters are just perfect for this, and I’ve had multiple big hits fishing these boosted hookbaits over S7 boilies. If a hardened hookbait is required, then I simply switch to the Bait Soak – perfect for fishing on the Continent.

An S7 wafter doing the business out in France

On the subject of Continental fishing, S7 wafters are the first thing I pack when I embark on a France trip. Since the birth of S7, I’ve been on multiple trips to a range of French venues and the wafters have never let me down. This balanced hookbait with its unusual shape has picked out some UK crackers for me too, most memorably on my last syndicate. The A-team fish were soon ticked off exclusively using this product. See for yourself! Tight lines. Vinny.