S7 lures A-team original out of the snags!

  • Posted: 27th October 2020
  • Author: Team DNA

Nick Gibson ticked yet another A-teamer off his list on his latest visit to his syndicate water.

Nick, who is enjoying a good run of results at the moment, continued his recent success by slipping his net under a lovely old common, a fish he recognised from previous sightings amongst some snags whilst out in the boat.

Nick began the session by taking a H-block and a prodding stick out in the boat so he could find an area where he could present a bait near the snags. Once he was happy, a Secret 7 Corker pop-up on a hinged stiff rig was lowered on to the spot, along with a scoop of heavily glugged 15mm Secret 7 boilies, and at 4.45 the following morning, the same fish he had spotted in the snags was resting in the bottom of his landing net.