• Posted: 11th May 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
What a morning, what a moment, what a carp!
A huge congratulations to Dave Watson, who has landed Sandhurst Lake’s first-ever 50-pounder courtesy of the magnificent Bubble Tail, which tipped the scales at 50lb 4oz.
It was a particularly sweet capture for Dave, as he had struggled for a bite up until this moment, but he stuck to his guns and got his reward with a landmark capture for the venue and the historic Yateley complex.
Dave said: “After arriving at the lake on Sunday, the fishing proved hard for me for the first few days, whereas other people were catching multiple fish to 42lb. I thought I had got it all wrong with the spots and baiting, but I knew deep down all it would take was one bite.
“Then on Thursday morning, I had two single bleeps on my left-hand alarm and the line started ticking off the spool slowly – I was in! With the lake being very weedy currently, a slow battle through the weedbeds ensued, but opting to walk to higher ground gave me the advantage I needed. When the fish surfaced, I thought I had a nice thirty on my hands, but I had massively underestimated it. I pulled the mesh back and yelled out ‘Bubble Tail!!!!’
“Thank you, Yateley; you have been kind to me over the years.”
Dave fished over an area baited with Bug crumb, chopped Bug and Secret 7 boilies, corn and both Bug and Crayfish Mini Mix pellets, which he coated in Calanus Hydro and a little dash of Hot Hemp Oil. Over the top, he offered a pink wafter on a fluoro D-rig with a mesh bag of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets.