• Posted: 24th April 2023
  • Author: Team DNA

Ryan Knox hit into some of Hardwick Smiths’ renowned scalies when he visited the Linear Fisheries venue for a 48-hour session, topping his trip with a mega 35lb mirror.

Ryan notched up eight fish from two different spots, landing another thirty at 31lb, five twenties to 27lb and a 16lb mirror, as well as the 35-pounder.

The 28-year-old mechanic said: “I found an area with fish feeding during the day, so decided to hold out until the fizzing stopped and introduced a small amount of loose feed with the Spomb and, sure enough, they started feeding again.”

“Fishing one rod on the spot with a Bug Corker pop-up that I had given the EVO hookbait treatment, I had six bites from the spot over the 48-hour session, keeping the feed fairly minimal with about 25 Spombs deployed over the session.

“The second rod I fished on another hard shallow area with fake corn in bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets and Bug pellets, and managed two fish like that.

“I have such confidence in The Bug range after first purchasing last year and now won’t use anything else.”

Ryan’s spod mix consistent of Bug boilies, pellets, hemp and corn, all covered in Bug Bait Soak.