• Posted: 1st June 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Robert Hepworth claimed his second PB in as many months from his Essex syndicate, both of them having come to the aptly named PBs!
The 45-year-old from Chigwell, who landed the Bulldozer at 34lb 14oz on a PB pop-up in April, used a PB wafter on this trip and upped his personal best by nearly 2lb with the capture of One Spot at 36lb 8oz.
Robert takes up the story: After arriving at my syndicate on the Friday morning and doing a lap of the lake, I decided to plot up in the Pads swim. It was handy, not only because it was closest to the car park, but also because the fish were present in numbers amongst the weed corner of the lake.
“Presentation and line lay were going to be problems, but the fish wanted to be there and so I had to be there. I decided to put my left-hand rod two wraps off the back of the weedbed in 8ft of water on a clear hard patch, and the right-hand rod down to my right margin using a friend’s bait boat, again on a clear area. I contemplated fishing just the two rods due the amount of weed, but a hole in the middle at a little over four wraps was screaming for some investigation. Out came the bare lead and after three casts I found what felt like 5ft of water and a clay bottom. I was getting 18 inches of a clean drag-back before hitting the wall of weed. I knocked up a solid bag with my ever-faithful PB wafter and Crayfish Mini Mix pellets before wrapping up and casting the small parcel of goodness at the hole, hoping it would be accurate and give me a thud upon touching down. Someone was looking down on me, because I couldn’t have hand-placed it any better! Line lay was awful, but I raised the rod high to allow as much to settle against the wall of the green stuff and then gently tightened up, allowing my main line to rest on the surface.
“I resisted the temptation of a recast late on Friday evening, knowing I wouldn’t be lucky a second time and settled in for the night. At 7.30 the following morning, the rod in the hole indicated four beeps on the alarm, before the bobbin gently sunk back to its original position. I was now standing by the rod when it went into meltdown and line began to cut its way through the stems of weed! I lifted into it and immediately felt the strands of weed being dissected as if they were cotton. The fight was not long, maybe five minutes or so, before my prize and a tonne of weed were bundled into the landing net. I knew it was a mirror, but I hadn’t seen enough to identify it yet. Like a man who had found gold, I was removing weed from the net when the colossal frame appeared and the one single scale on the right flank showed itself. One Spot was mine! Two friends (who coincidentally had also both caught at the fish at 40lb 4oz and 29lb) helped with the weighing and pics before she was sent on her way to make someone else’s dreams come true another day. Two sessions a month apart and two PBs! What is it with me and PBs? Whether that’s the bait or the fish!”