• Posted: 29th November 2019
  • Author: DNA Baits
– Secret 7 was launched back in 2012.
– The name ‘Secret 7’ comes from the seven secret spices and salts that go into the bait, but these days the number has increased from seven to nine.
– The base mix contains the unbeatable Norse-LT fishmeal, plus the superb Robin Red, which is where the colour of the bait comes from.
– Its beautiful texture and easy digestibility come from the high-quality krill meal within the bait.
– Secret 7 contains more krill meal than the other fishmeal in the DNA range, SLK.
– The Secret 7 flavouring is a smooth peach and sweet orange, which you can actually buy yourself, as it is the same product as the S7 Half Tones Intense Booster.
– The Liquid Food that goes into the bait includes the incredible krill hydrolysate and human-grade molasses.
– Secret 7 has caught UK carp in excess of 60lb and fish on the continent close to 90lb.
– Crude protein content: 30.9%