• Posted: 31st July 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
When a previously closed swim reopened on his Northamptonshire syndicate water, Colin Wright jumped at the opportunity to give it a go.
It turned out to be a great bit of watercraft, as the following morning he was cradling one of the lake’s coveted 40-pounders, a cracking-looking mirror of 40lb 11oz, which he followed up moments later with a low twenty!
“Upon arrival at the lake, I noticed one of the swims which had been closed off due to heavy weed growth had been reopened, so I decided to drop in there,” said Colin.
“Luckily, it didn’t take long to find three hard spots in the weed, which by chance were all at 8.5 wraps. I baited with a kilo of mixed-sized Bug boilies over each rod. The first bite unfortunately resulted in a hook-pull yards from the net, so I reset that rod and waited. The following morning, at around 4am, I had a steady take and after a hard fight landed a 40lb 11oz mirror. As a bonus, 10 minutes later, while I was tying a new rig, the middle rod was away with a 22lb 2oz mirror on the end!”
Colin got his bites on 15mm Bug Corker wafters that he fished over his beds of mixed-sized Bug freebies.