• Posted: 9th April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
What a session Callum Reid had as he resumed his Wyre Lake campaign up on Wyreside Fisheries, landing seven fish from nine bites during an overnighter!
Amongst Callum’s catch were five twenties, topped by a lovely 29lb fully scaled mirror. Incredibly, five of Cal’s fish came in the space of two hours, after he had topped up his spot with a load of Bug and Crayfish goodness!
Cal takes up the story: “This time, I spent a night in a swim named Swamp. This was slightly off the 40mph SSW wind, and with a big low-pressure front pushing through and most of the recent bites coming from the island, I thought this would be my best option.
“I got all three rods positioned extremely tight to the island, all on simple blow-back rigs baited with Bug Corker wafters plugged with 4mm of yellow foam. I baited each rod with 12-15 Spombs of 8mm and 12mm Bug, hemp and corn, all dusted in the new Crayfish Bag Mix, with a good helping of Bug Amino Smoke, Bug Hydro Spod Syrup and Bug Liquid Food.
“The first bite came just 10 minutes after getting the rods sorted, yielding a 24lb mirror. I quickly recast and topped up the spot with another eight Spombs and just 10 minutes later had a 28lb common in the net. The next bite didn’t come till the early hours, sadly resulting in a hook pull.
“At first light, all the three rods were repositioned and topped up with bait. Over the next two hours, things kicked of big time and I received a further six bites, resulting in five fish on the bank. What a session!
“In summary, I landed seven fish from nine bites, including five twenties, topped by a 29lb fully scaled mirror.”