• Posted: 1st July 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Benny Ryan’s fantastic run of action on his syndicate water continued with a three-fish catch, comprising the Small Mouth Common at 32lb 3oz and two mid-twenties.
The mirror got things under way, having snaffled a white S7 Half Tones pop-up over a few handfuls of chopped SLK boilies in the margins.
After two quiet nights, Ben decided to move swim to concentrate on a spot where he had been baiting regularly. This resulted in the capture of a mid-twenty common.
The next afternoon, Ben baited with 15kg of hemp, maize and SLK boilies, and just a few hours later, his 18mm SLK wafter was picked up by the coveted Small Mouth Common.

SLK wafter doing the business