• Posted: 13th January 2021
  • Author: Team DNA

A tactic many people will turn to for their winter sessions will be solid bags, and who could blame them? A neat, attractive, perfectly presented pile of bait with a fluoro hookbait on top is usually enough to entice a bite on any water.

A little spice in your life, however, goes a long way, and it’s no different when it comes to carp fishing. Carp are known to love spicy additives, which stimulate the senses within their feeding palettes, often resulting in a harder feeding reaction. That is why, particularly when it comes to winter, we like to spice up our solids as much as possible!

In this step-by-step guide, we explain how we knock up a solid bag containing some of our favourite and spiciest products in the DNA range!

Step. 1 No solid bag would be complete without Crayfish Mini Mix pellets, which we’ll be mixing together with Red Mist, a cloudy groundbait featuring mixed spices, and injecting it with Switch Liquid Food, a red-hot liquid containing capsaicin. To cap it off, we’ll be using the natural, spicy, warm tones of the Pink Perils as hookbait.

Step 1. The products needed to spice up your solids

Step 2. Give your small Pink Peril wafters a coat with the matching Intense Booster liquid. This liquid will soak in and dry out, when you can repeat the process to enhance the flavour of the baits even further.

Step 2. Give the hookbaits a boost

Step 3. Now introduce a layer of Red Mist groundbait to the bottom of the solid bag.

Step 3. The Red Mist will make folding the corners over easier and make the bag more aerodynamic

Step 4. Lower the rig into the bag and nestle the Pink Peril wafter amongst the Red Mist.

Step 4. It is now time to add the hookbait

Step 5. Add a layer of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets to the bag and nestle the lead amongst the pellets.

Step 5. It’s now time for the lead and the pellets

Step 6. Top up the bag with Crayfish Mini Mix pellets. Leave enough room so you can tie off the bag.

Step 6. Top up the bag with a few more pellets

Step 7. Pack the bag down as much as possible, ensuring you get as much air out as you can. Then tie it off using PVA tape or, if you prefer, use the lick-and-stick method.

Step 7. Pack down the bag and tie it off

Step 8. Inject 5-10ml of Switch Liquid Food into the solid bag. Warning, this liquid is extremely hot, so don’t get it on your hands and then rub your eyes, or scratch your nether regions!

Step 8. Once you’ve injected the Switch Liquid Food, the bag is ready to go!

Step 9. Cast it out to your chosen spot and wait for the carp’s senses to be stimulated by the spicy goodness!

Step 9. Cast it out and let the spices work their magic