• Posted: 12th December 2022
  • Author: Team DNA
Tony Payne managed another special fish from his syndicate water recently, a mega scaly mirror and a very rare daytime bite!
He said: “After catching three fish during the night within the usual bite time between of 7pm and 12am, I was sitting there the following morning thinking to myself that in the future I might start doing short evening sessions at this lake instead of overnighters, as that’s when the bites come anyway. However, then I looked up and noticed a fish poke its head out over my bait, and just 20 seconds later the rod ripped off! After getting the fish in close and seeing what it was, it made for a tense battle under the rod tip, as I was praying it didn’t fall off!
“The fish was caught on a single solid bag packed with Betastim Mini Mix pellets, with my usual dollop of Bug Bait Soak and a Milky Malt wafter hookbait. I fished this up against the shelf of a shallow plateau.”