• Posted: 22nd May 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Daniel Bowler ended a four-year pursuit of Catterick Racecourse’s coveted Strongbow when it topped a 10-fish catch on the North Yorkshire syndicate.
The immaculate common weighed in at 35lb 6oz and was backed up by six twenties to 28lb 9oz.
Dan said: “Getting down to the lake fairly late on, I quickly got a few kilos of SLK freebies over my spots with a throwing stick. After landing a 28lb 8oz mirror within 10 minutes of casting out, I knew I was in for a decent session!
“The next morning produced a couple of small commons before the bigger fish moved in, producing a few upper twenties and a couple of low twenties. After bite time passed, I got about 4kg of SLK on my spots and kept the rods out of the water for the remainder of the day to rest the swim.
“The next morning, the majority of bite time came and went without event, so I figured the fish must have moved off, but towards the end of bite time, I was into one, which turned out to be my target fish of four years, a cracking 35lb 6oz common and new personal best!”
The 23-year-old used a combination of SLK Corker pop-ups and SLK EVOs for his hookbaits, fished on spinner rigs and slip-D rigs respectively.