• Posted: 26th August 2022
  • Author: Team DNA

Aaron Mcilwaine’s latest trip over from his home in Belfast to fish Linear’s GUY syndicate waters in Oxfordshire threw up one of his main target fish as part of a 16-fish hit!

Opting for Gaunts Lake, Aaron went in with his tried-and-trusted baiting approach of heavily glugged Bug and SLK boilies and was well rewarded with a succession of fish, including one of the fish he really wanted, the Sergeant at 38lb 10oz.

Aaron explains: “Upon arrival, I wasn’t surprised to find all three lakes very quiet, with temperatures reaching 34 degrees! I headed for Gaunts Lake and, as expected, the fish were enjoying the sunshine, cruising on the surface.

“Once settled in my chosen swim, it wasn’t until the early hours of the first morning before the liners started and I soon received my first bite. This turned out to be the pattern for the duration of the session, with all the bites coming between 4am and late morning.

“In total, I had 16 fish , with the two biggest being a 32lb 12oz mirror and one of my targets, a mega mirror known as the Sargeant at 38lb 10oz!

“As always, I used my go-to mix of whole, chopped and crushed SLK and Bug boilies, all glazed in matching SLK and Bug Liquid Foods. Once this had been drawn into the bait, I then added lashings of the mega Hydro Spod Syrups. Hookbaits-wise, I fished either SLK or Bug Corker wafters over the top.”