“The Bug is ripping Lamby apart”

  • Posted: 23rd March 2021
  • Author: Team DNA

In the words of Ross Partridge: “The Bug is ripping Lamby apart at the moment!”

Those words came after Ross added three more fish to his tally on the Welsh venue, before seeing his friend, Tyrell Dando, bank one of the A-teamers, Peanut, at just over 30lb, backed up by a 25lb common, and bailiff, Peter Lyons, tempt a 24lb common.

Ross said: “With Lamby still fishing very hard at the weekend, I managed three takes, landing three of the smaller residents, so was well pleased. Bug wafters and small bags of glugged-up Crayfish Mini Mix pellets doing all three bites for me again.

The prettiest of three fish for Ross


“Two of my mates nagged me for some bottom baits as I was prebaiting with a kilo before I went home and robbed them off me. They went back over and had these beauties out within two hours! The Bug is ripping Lamby apart at the moment!”

Both Tyrell and Peter caught their fish on Bug bottom baits with either small bags of crushed Bug or three-bait stringers.

Peanut at 30lb-plus for Tyrell 

A back-up 25lb common for Tyrell

A 24lb common for bailiff, Peter