• Posted: 12th June 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Limited time needn’t be a hindrance, as Joe Tyson proved when he bagged himself the ‘king of the lake’ on Embryo Angling Habitats‘ South Ings Pit 3, the mighty Shoulders, as part of as four-fish catch – whilst on a day session!
The 33-year-old opted to set up away from the longer-stay anglers, fishing at a relatively comfortable range with the new yellow Bug Half Tones pop-ups on Ronnies over a mixture of 12mm Bug boilies, Bug pellets and Crayfish Hydro Spod Syrup.
After kicking the session off with a 22-pounder and then following it with two further fish to 24lb, Joe was already happy with his efforts, but just as he was beginning to pack away, his rod signalled one final take, resulting in the hugely coveted Shoulders at 39lb.
Joe said: “Getting there around 9am for a quick walk around before the 10am draw, there wasn’t a great deal to go off. With me only doing the day session, I decided to let the other members choose their pegs first, despite coming out first in the draw. After the other lads had picked, I decided to head to the back pit, the deeper one of the lakes on the complex.
“I opted to fish only two rods, both on a nice clear spot at a comfortable distance. I put out the marker float and opted to catapult my feed, rather than spod, what with me only being there for a quick session. The first rod had only been on the spot a matter of 15 minutes when it was away with a nice 22lb common! Both rods went back out and an later I was into another one at 19lb. Then roughly an hour later, one of the named fish in the pit was in the landing net, a cool character known as Speedbump.
“A couple of hours passed and I was starting to put bits away to head home, already very happy with the session, when the bobbin slammed against the alarm and I was into another Pit 3 carp. This one felt very powerful, hugging the deck and towing me around with ease. After a good 10-15 minutes, I managed to catch a glimpse and had an idea which fish it was! After another very shaky and nerve-jangling five minutes, the fish slipped over the net cord. Looking down into the landing net, I knew it was the king of the lake, Shoulders! With help from a couple of members and the bailiff, we did the weighing, with the fish sending the scales round to 39lb. A truly epic fish and perfect way to end the day.”