• Posted: 6th June 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
The UK’s most distinguished and largest fully scaled carp has graced the banks of Manor Carp Fishery once again, succumbing to a bait it clearly has a taste for – The Bug!
Its captor was Neil Smith, who landed the 60lb 12oz giant at approximately 6 o’clock on a beautiful Sunday morning from a spot he had laced with Bug goodness.
His hookbait was a 15mm Bug Corker wafter which he’d had soaking in Bug Amino Smoke for a couple of days, presented over a mixture of Bug 15-millers and mini dumbbells, which had also been soaking in Bug Amino Smoke.
Neil told us: “The boilies and dumbbells were soaked for 48 hours in a good helping of the Bug Amino Smoke. I did exactly the same with a handful of Bug Corker wafters, which I knew I would be using for hookbaits. When testing the wafters’ buoyancy in the shallow water, they began giving off a Smoke-filled haze around them.”
The captor comes just a few months after DNA consultant Nicky Mills landed it at its biggest-ever weight of 63lb 14oz.