• Posted: 4th June 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Daniel Bowler demonstrated the pulling power of the Amino Smoke on his latest trip to the Catterick Racecourse syndicate, landing five fish from 19ft of water!
The fish proved more than willing to get on the 23-year-old’s bed of SLK boilies glazed in matching SLK Amino Smoke, with mirrors of 28lb 9oz, 27lb 15oz, 23lb 8oz, 21lb 9oz and 21lb 8oz all giving themselves up to his SLK Corker pop-ups presented on spinner rigs.
Dan said: “After finding the fish on the end of a fairly cold northerly wind, I got myself set up on them. With 19ft depths in front of me, I thought I was going to struggle to get the fish feeding, but a few kilos of 15mm SLK boilies glazed in the matching SLK Amino Smoke was plenty to draw the fish down.”