• Posted: 23rd May 2023
  • Author: Jay 'Mungo' Cater

Imagine going fishing and never questioning the bait you are using. Imagine having such faith in a bait that wherever you take it, regardless of the venue or country, you can feel 100% confident that when a fish moves over it, whether they’ve seen it before or not, a fish will drop down and feed on it. Well, that is exactly how Jay ‘Mungo’ Cater feels about Secret 7. Having been part of the testing team for Secret 7 more than a decade ago, Jay continues to use this instant, take-anywhere bait for all his fishing at home and abroad and shows no signs of changing. Why? Because it works, he knows it works and never has to question it. All he has to get right is his location and his presentation. In this piece, we join Jay at a new syndicate venue in Essex to find out how he gets the very best from this imperious fishmeal bait and some of the tweaks he likes to make to it, incorporating the likes of Krill Meal powder and Secret 7 Hydro Spod Syrup, to give him an extra edge. Jay is also the DNA Baits Essex franchise seller, so if you are in the Essex area and want to get your hands on Secret 7, or any of the other products in the DNA range, watch the film through to the end to find out how and where you can get in touch.