• Posted: 10th May 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Jack Rose has landed the biggest ghost carp in UK carp-fishing history at a staggering 63lb 2oz! 
The 30-year-old from Flitwick was fishing Embryo Angling Habitats‘ Broom Big Lake, a 45-acre pit in Bedfordshire, when he latched into the colossal beast known as Milestone, which had only come out a couple of weeks previously at 62lb, so is clearly hard on the feed this spring! 
An elated Jack, who practically doubled his PB with the capture, takes up the story for us: “Arriving on Friday and getting the swim I wanted, Hippo’s Point, in the draw, I was pretty happy. I got around to the swim and was met by a ridiculous cross wind, so decided to get a fairly large amount of bait out there in a lull in the wind, comprising seven kilos of Bug boilies and some pellets.
“The first night passed by uneventfully, but in a gap in the wind and rain on the Saturday evening, I managed to recast a single rod a bit further up the spot.
“I set my alarm for the boxing in the early hours of Sunday morning and I woke up at 4am. I couldn’t be bothered to watch the fight, so I rolled over and in between dozing kept updated with the live commentary.
“At around 5am, I got a single bleep on the alarm, followed by a screech from the RX+, the likes I’d never heard before! Sprinting to the rod in my socks, when I got to it and lifted the rod, I was immediately flat-rodded as the fish proceeded to melt away on a 40-yard burst before I could get the rod up high again!
“When I managed to lift the rod up, I was met by an immovable object that seemed set on carting left to the far extremities of the lake. After some knee-wobbling whilst bullying it, I finally saw the fish as it catapulted itself half out of the water about 40 yards out. I still wasn’t certain which fish it was, as there were a few upper thirties present in the lake with similar features.
“As I jumped in the lake and jousted my net under it, I tried to lift the net before I realised I didn’t even have half the fish in it! A rush of panic set in, as I realised exactly what fish it was. I dropped the rod in the water and grabbed both arms of the net, scooping it as far forward as I could, barely fitting the fish in it. As I lifted the net, its huge tail eventually flopped over and nestled in the bottom of the net. She was mine.
“I lifted the net to see my prize and that’s the last thing I remember, before all of the guys from the lake and the fishery management team arrived to facilitate the perfect handling of such a massive fish.
“Pictures, laughs and plenty of buckets of water over my head later ensued, and she was returned back to the massive pit she resides in.”
The fish gave itself up to a PB pop-up on a spinner rig, which Jack fished to a clear spot of range over a big bed of 15mm Bug boilies.