• Posted: 18th May 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
This is quite simply The One, the fully scaled mirror all the anglers on Kingsmead 1 want to catch – and we can see why!
The One was the undoubted highlight of a prolific spell of action for Kyson Lloyd on the RK Leisure syndicate water, topping his second-successive eight-fish catch on the venue.
The One weighed in at 42lb 10oz, which was a new personal best for Kyson and his first UK forty, coming to his favoured Bug-based approach. The One was then backed up by three thirties to 34lb and four twenties, completing another memorable session.
“I fished the first night as near to the fish as possible with no joy, but was able to move into the zone at midday the following day,” said Kyson.
“After seeing the fish with many others in an area, the rod then went within 40 minutes of the rig being in place. It was The One, the fish they all want and not only a new personal best but my first UK forty!
“I didn’t get the second rod out at all, as the rod then went again twice in quick succession! Wow, the big-carp buzz is real!”
All Kyson’s fish succumbed to halved Bug Corker wafters tipped with halved Bug Half Tones pop-ups, fished over a bed of Bug boilies and Bug pellets that he’d soaked Bug Hydro Spod Syrup and dusted in Insect Meal.
Congratulations on an amazing fish and a new personal best, Kyson!