• Posted: 16th May 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
There are few things more dispiriting than coming out last in the draw, but thankfully for Adam Jenkins, he was armed with Amino Smoke!
Fishing on Embryo Angling’s Edward’s Lake, Adam managed to Smoke out a couple of 35lb commons from a marginal spot, whilst also adding a 21lb mirror on a zig, all from a swim absolutely nobody wanted!
“After coming out last in the draw, I got the swim nobody wanted,” said Adam.
“With the weather being far from perfect for fishing (sunny days and high pressure) and having mostly deep water in front of me, I opted to fish one on a 11ft zig in the deep water. I then found a nice clean gravel spot on the far margin, where I baited with a mix of boilies, pellets and corn, which I covered in Bug Amino Smoke.
“The zig was the first to go on the first evening, resulting in a 21lb mirror. Then at midnight, the margin rod was away, yielding a 35lb common!
“At exactly the same time on the night, the marginal rod did yet another bite and yet another 35lb common! Not a bad result considering nobody fancied the swim.”
For his marginal rods, Adam opted for 12mm pink Bug Half Tones pop-ups on Ronnie rigs, which he fished over 8mm and 12mm Bug boilies, Crayfish Maxi Mix pellets and corn, all coated in that magic ingredient, Bug Amino Smoke.