• Posted: 12th May 2022
  • Author: Team DNA

Steve Robertson experienced the most remarkable 24-hour session on the Northwycke syndicate in Essex, landing two forties, including a new personal best, as part of a four-fish catch!

The Northwycke syndicate is home to the coveted James’ Fish, which Steve caught last year, and has attracted many of the sport’s top names down the years, many of whom would have given their right arm for a result like this.

Steve began by introducing a scattering of 15mm and 18mm Bug boilies to an area and fishing solid bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets and small Bug Corker dumbbell wafters amongst the freebies.

Later that evening, he received a double take from the Big Zip at 41lb 4oz and the Chester Common at 32lb 12oz, resulting in 74lb of Northwycke carp in the same net!

If that wasn’t incredible enough, the next morning Steve would go on to break his personal best with the capture of Leia at 46lb 4oz, before finishing the session with another mirror known as Georgia at 23lb 10oz.

The Big Zip at 41lb 4oz

The Chester Common at 32lb 12oz, which Steve braced with the Big Zip

Georgia at 23lb 10oz, the fourth and final fish of a remarkable session